AI-based integrated security & control solution of IoT devices

IoT device identification and vulnerability check, 24/7 asset management and security control functions for Home/SOHO, Smart Buildings, IoT Manufacturers, Mobile Operators, Smart Cars and Smart Factories




  • Network security check.
  • Detection of wired and wireless devices (WiFi and Bluetooth).
  • Device recognition and classification based on machine learning.
  • Checking for vulnerabilities in connected devices (CVE, one-day, zero-day).
  • Blacklist & policy-based asset authorization and blocking management.
  • Access blocking of unauthorized IoT devices.
  • Blocking the access of dangerous IoT devices.
  • Malicious IoT code detection notification.
  • Notification after detecting “MITM” attacks (“ARP / DNS / SSL Strip”).
  • Comprehensive report of asset’s detection and inspection results.